Vita Health Coach

Vita health coach was founded and is run by certified health coach, Stacey Scott.

I am a health coach with a private clinical practice based in London, providing bespoke programmes to help my clients. I have an immense passion for the healing power of lifestyle medicine having experienced its effects first hand. It is my mission to reverse the statistics on preventable, lifestyle-related chronic diseases, such as IBS, digestive disorders, autoimmune conditions and obesity, and help people create long, healthy and vibrant lives.

Rather than accepting that life is something we passively receive, accept, or endure, I believe that life is something we generate.
— Bruce Mau
Stacey Scott, Founder and CEO Vita Health Coach

Stacey Scott, Founder and CEO Vita Health Coach

Vita health coach - my story

I turned 40 in 2015. At the time, I was working full time in a London based hospital as an occupational therapist with a specialism in neurology - an area that continues to surprise and fascinate. I had a great partner, a beautiful daughter and plenty of friends. I had a passion for long walks and hot yoga and a dream to travel to India. Life was good.

That is until I got sick. The kind of illness that slowly creeps up on you – some tingling that starts in your hands, loss of sensation in your feet, until in the space of a few weeks it got to the point where I couldn’t tie my shoelaces, sign my name or walk by myself. The fear that grips you as you watch your body deteriorate is hard to describe.  Worse still was that I had treated patients with these very symptoms and worse. I felt like I had hit rock bottom.

My consultant was convinced that I had multiple sclerosis - one of over a hundred autoimmune conditions. I knew in my heart that I did not want to take medicine for the rest of my life. So I began to research nutrition, herbal, and lifestyle medicine. What I discovered is that there is so much that we can do to restore good health. By changing what I ate, using strategies to manage stress, and exercising, I watched my strength gradually improve. I regained the use of my hands and started walking again. My energy returned and I went on a family holiday and started working part-time.

Within just a few months I experienced a complete transformation back to health. This had a profound effect on me. What I came to realise is that I want to share the methods I used to help others regain control of their health and life. So in 2017 I founded my private practice in London - Vita Health Coach.

Typical clients have been those with digestive problems such as IBS, clients with stressful careers or people with low energy and symptoms such as brain fog, skin conditions or hormonal imbalances.

Ralph Waldo Emerson states that 'the first wealth is health,' and I couldn't agree more. My journey has taught me that good health is priceless and it is my mission to help others to live long and well.

What is a Health Coach?

In a nutshell, a health coach mentors, inspires, guides, and motivates clients to cultivate positive health choices through lifestyle and behaviour change. It’s person-centred health care at its finest. A health coach uses an holistic approach to consider the person as a whole, rather than just their symptoms.

Everything from losing 20 pounds, to de-stressing and gaining energy, to improving nutrition and helping to tame an autoimmune disease.

Take control of your health and feel good!

I believe in the importance of finding the right food for your body and my aim is to show you the link between symptoms such as weight gain, bloating, brain fog, overwhelming fatigue, and the food we eat. I believe that food is medicine and together we will devise a plan that is sustainable and tasty. I will show you alternatives and inspire you to make changes as you gain control and bring your body back into balance.

The secret to good health is much more that what you eat – although that is a great place to start! Together we’ll identify your health goals and work to develop a deeper understanding of the lifestyle choices that work for you. We will implement manageable and lasting changes that will improve your energy, balance and health.

Coaching programmes

Having a chronic health condition can feel like your life has been hijacked. As if the healthy body and mind that you relied upon has betrayed you, and left you with a foggy brain, aches and pains, overwhelming fatigue and more.

Vita health coach programmes seek to put you back in control. Stacey will teach you how to achieve balance in your life, helping you to restore vibrant good health and increase your energy levels so that you can go back to living your life.

Vita coaching programmes will have a positive impact on the following;

My personal health journey has been the inspiration for this work and the experience I draw from when working with clients.

Want to find out more? Contact me for a free 1:1 person-centred health coaching session ❤️