Health benefits of tea

Chinese legend has it that in 2737 B.C., some leaves from an overhanging Camellia sinensis plant fell into Emperor Shennong's cup of boiling water – and presto, the ritual of tea drinking was born. Tea has been lauded for an array of potential health benefits, from improving mental clarity, preventing tooth cavities to boosting your immune system. It is recognised by cultures around the world for its capacity to soothe, restore and refresh.

Here are some of my favourites, with love ❤️

GREEN. Loaded with antioxidants and nutrients green tea improves mental alertness, lowers high cholesterol, and controls blood sugar levels.

WHITE. High in polyphenols and low in lead, white tea is an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant that is said to improve artery function.

OOLONG. Improves mental clarity. Regular drinkers are 46% less likely to develop high blood pressure if they drink one-half to two-half cups a day.

YERBA MATE. A smooth, full-bodied tea grown in rainforests. It contains more antioxidants than green tea; has significant immune boosting properties and enhances ability to focus.

GUAYASA. A “clean energy” herb from the Amazon that is high in antioxidant. It produces a smooth, sustained energy, detoxifies the blood and the improves functioning of kidneys and urinary tract.

HOLY BASIL/TULSI tea has been used by Ayurvedic practitioners for centuries to help keep the immune system strong after injuries or illnesses thanks to its antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.


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