90 days to a super-charged you

Plant your feet on the road to bliss

Are you committed to taking a giant leap into a life filled with excellent health, boundless energy, an abundance of happiness and a bucket load of self-respect?

  • Do you struggle with information overwhelm and don’t know what to eat any more?

  • Do you eat healthily but still struggle to maintain a healthy weight?

  • Are you looking for a way to lose the bloat and release the leaner you?

  • Do you have headaches, brain fog or mid-afternoon slump that only sugar or caffeine can fix?

  • Do you resentfully drag yourself to the gym in an attempt to run those donuts off your hips?

  • Do you regularly crave chocolate, alcohol or both?

I hear you – and despite how healthy I am now, I used to struggle with weight, health, and overwhelming levels of stress too.


Did you know that new research suggests that 85% of chronic disease is caused by diet and lifestyle factors? This means that diet and lifestyle holds the solution to living a healthful life.

It’s time to change the conversation about health.

Maybe you’ve been on countless diets, subscribed to healthy living plans and paid hefty gym fees only to end up back in the same position, overweight, tired and desperate.

It’s a sad fact that most diets and healthy living plans don’t work. On top of that we live in a culture that lives to eat rather than eats to live, with easy access to food!  

Think about it. These days, every celebration and failure involves food - usually the highly processed, sugary kind.  Unfortunately, the processed foods that we crave so much is stripped of nutrients, infused with sugar and highly addictive. It’s no wonder we’re confused about what real food actually is!

Consider the following;

  • Despite a predicted whopping $70 billion investment into the diet market in 2018, nearly two thirds of men and women in the UK and US are obese or overweight.

  • Being overweight or obese increases the risk of health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and chronic illnesses.

One thing seems crystal clear to me – quick-fix diets don’t work.

More than that, no popular diet is successful or safe in the long term. They can leave you exhausted, malnourished and they play havoc with your hormones.

How can you drink in all the gorgeousness that life has to offer you when you have run out of nourishment and self-esteem, or are scared to even look at food in case you balloon up?

The best way to remain healthy, happy, well nourished, lean and youthful is to start from scratch.

I’ll be there to show you how, offer you support and cheer on your successes.

What makes my programme so successful is that it is personalised. Together we deal with your specific, personal and emotional needs.

In 90 days, I will support you to effectively change habits to up-level your health and plant your feet on the road to bliss. 

Are you ready to experience powerful transformation through use of superfoods, lifestyle tweaks and a quest for real self-love?

But be warned, transformation isn’t always beautiful. It can be a harsh and uncomfortable process to uncover your authentic, gorgeous self.

If you’re ready to create positive change in your life, join me on a 90-day programme to explore what’s stopping you from having excellent health and boundless energy, with support and accountability from someone who has literally been in your shoes.

Let me explain who I am and why I’m so committed to uncovering the super-charged you!


I’m Stacey and I’m a Yoga Teacher, Occupational Therapist, Health Coach and Fermentation enthusiast.

I have always had a keen interest in all things health. My career as an occupational therapist reflected this. I worked in neurology and loved learning about the brain, neuroplasticity and its ability to heal.

However, my focus altered after I experienced a health condition of my own. I lost sensation in my hands and feet, lost the use of both my hands to spasms and incoordination, lost the ability to walk outdoors, and had searing, burning pain up my right leg.

My neurology consultant was absolutely convinced that I had multiple sclerosis and would require steroid medication followed by disease-modifying therapies – usually more medication - for the rest of my life. But I wanted to search for an alternative to taking medicine for the rest of my life.

So I began to research diet, herbs, nutrition and lifestyle medicine. I read countless peer reviewed medical articles, books on healing autoimmune conditions naturally, books on gut health, hormone rebalance, food therapy, fermentation and epigenetics. I collected hundreds of gut healthy recipes, joined Facebook groups of like-minded people in search of the root cause for my ills.

What I discovered is that there is so much that we can do to restore and maintain good health. By applying these natural methods I experienced a complete transformation back to health within a few months.

Imagine that. I went from almost being wheelchair-bound to a life full of energy, health and vitality. As you can imagine this had such a profound effect on me.

In 2017 I changed career, starting my own company Vita Health Coach in response to the lifestyle changes I made to bring me to my current level of excellent health.

I want you to experience wonderful health and feel good now.

Let’s bring your vision of health and happiness to life – with my support and love ❤️

This programme is perfect for making lasting, sustainable change. By the end of the 90-days you will;

  • lose weight in a manageable way

  • uncover an individual, sustainable eating plan

  • understand the detrimental effects of stress and discover your methods for managing it

  • sleep well all night

  • learn how to eradicate brain fog

  • reduce your anxiety

  • increase self-esteem and confidence

  • create lasting change - feel great, regain lost energy and restore your vitality!

90 days to a super-charged you is an empowering programme designed to delve deeper into the components that form vital good health. It enables you to look at the physical, emotional and psychological barriers that prevent you from having the healthy body and life that you deserve. Together we will release those blocks and bring about sustainable, lasting change.

How the programme works:

Stacey will mentor you through 12 one to one sessions over a period of 90-days. The initial consultation lasts for 1 hour and all follow-up sessions are 45 minutes to an hour long. 

This programme is literally life changing. It consists of more than diet, but we will begin by looking at the food you eat and how you eat it. Because eating the right food is medicine on a cellular level. This will help to up-level your energy, improve your sleep and reduce brain fog.

Then we can turn your attention to what helps to keep your body and mind in balance. We will look at the components of what a healthy lifestyle truly is, and how to build this into your day to day, so that you can return your focus to enjoying life.  

This is holistic health coaching at its best. 90-days to a super-charged you, will help you release your va va voom!

The initial consultation:

  • Exploring your current diet and lifestyle

  • Setting personal goals

  • Building an individual food programme tailored to you

  • Personalised meal ideas and recipes

Follow-up sessions:

  • 11 private coaching sessions

  • Customised tools and practices to accelerate your results

  • Evaluating where you are in relation to your goals

  • Adjusting the programme at each session

  • Introducing new foods

  • Assessing your on-going improvement

  • Continuous learning and motivation

  • Email support between sessions

Think this programme is for you? Click the clarity call button below for a free 1:1 person-centred coaching session to help you find your va-va-voom! ❤️

Working with Stacey made a real impact on my approach to my own health and wellbeing. It’s surprising how something so vital can get pushed down the pile of things to get on with. Giving it a sustained and structured focus alongside the encouragement and pragmatism of Stacey has worked wonders. I now approach food, dieting and relaxation through a totally different lens - Patricia, help for Rheumatoid Arthritis. London