6 weeks to zen

De-stress your mind and unwind your body.

Are you ready and committed to taking the next step in your health and create a life of abundance and happiness?



Are you constantly wired, needing coffee to wake up and wine to wind down?

  • Do you wake up feeling tired?

  • Do you eat healthily but still notice weight gain?

  • Do you have brain fog by mid afternoon that only sugar can fix?

  • Do you crave chocolate or alcohol or both?

I hear you – and despite how healthy I now am, I used to feel overwhelming levels of stress, exactly the same as you.

It’s a sad fact that for most of our adult lives we are surrounded by things that cause stress. From the moment you wake up it is all go, go, go. Think about it. You wake up fully stressed, rush to get you ready, rush to get the kids ready, do the school run, check your email, social media, use public transport or deadlocked traffic, deal with work targets and deadlines. Everything you do is for someone else.

When it comes to relaxation, a surprising number of people don’t allow themselves any!

Consider the following;

  • 95% of all illnesses are caused or worsened by stress

  • The majority of people’s health problems are driven entirely by their lifestyle.

  • The food you eat contributes to the overall stress in the body

 But it’s not all doom and gloom, especially for you. Just by the fact that you are reading, I know that you are ready to move on to the stage in your life where abundant health is a welcomed companion.

Imagine a world where…….

  • You wake up feeling energized and alive everyday

  • You cope with the stresses of public transport, road rage, tight deadlines effortlessly

  • You are resilient, have better overall concentration and a more balanced outlook in life

  • You lose weight effortlessly and keep the weight off.

But hold on, because becoming seriously stress free and abundantly energised isn’t achieved by crossing your fingers or waving a magic wand.

You need to develop a series of successful habits and adjust your mindset in small, sustainable steps.

So what if I promised you that I could give you a personalised programme of tried and tested methods and bring you to a state of healthful zen?

Let me explain who I am and why I’m so committed to helping you to de-stress your mind and unwind your body.


My name is Stacey and I’m a Yoga Teacher, Occupational Therapist, Health Coach and Fermentation enthusiast.

I have always had a keen interest in all things health. My career as an occupational therapist reflected this. I worked in neurology and loved learning about the brain, neuroplasticity and its ability to heal.

However, my focus altered after I experienced a health condition of my own. I lost sensation in my hands and feet, lost the use of both my hands to spasms and incoordination, lost the ability to walk outdoors, and had searing, burning pain up my right leg.

My neurology consultant was absolutely convinced that I had multiple sclerosis and would require steroid medication followed by disease-modifying therapies – usually more medication - for the rest of my life. But I wanted to search for an alternative to taking medicine for the rest of my life.

So I began to research diet, herbs, nutrition and lifestyle medicine. I read countless peer reviewed medical articles, books on healing autoimmune conditions naturally, books on gut health, hormone rebalance, food therapy, fermentation and epigenetics. I collected hundreds of gut healthy recipes, joined Facebook groups of like-minded people in search of the root cause for my ills.

What I discovered is that there is so much that we can do to restore and maintain good health. By applying these natural methods I experienced a complete transformation back to health within a few months.

Imagine that. I went from almost being wheelchair-bound to a life full of energy, health and vitality. As you can imagine this had such a profound effect on me.

In 2017 I changed career, starting my own company Vita Health Coach in response to the lifestyle changes I made to bring me to my current level of excellent health.

I want you to experience wonderful health and to feel good now.

Let’s bring your vision of health and happiness to life – with my support and love ❤️

If you’d like to create positive change in your life, join me on a 6-week introductory programme to de-stress your mind and unwind your body.

By the end of the 6-week programme you will;

  • understand your triggers for what causes you stress

  • uncover your individual eating plan to reduce biological stress in the body

  • reduce symptoms such as brain fog, poor memory

  • increase your energy levels

  • explore tools to manage stress that work for you

This programme is an empowering introduction that is designed to help you to delve into two of the components that form good health.

How the programme works:

I will mentor you through 6 one to one sessions over a period of 6 weeks. The initial consultation lasts for 1 hour and all follow-ups are 45 minutes to an hour long.

This programme is powerful. It consists of more than diet, however food is medicine on a cellular level.

Together we will begin by examining and tweaking your menu to reduce potential stressors and maximise your energy.

We can then turn our attention to create a more balanced approach to attaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by looking at potential stressors and learning methods to manage them.

This is the basis of holistic health coaching.

The initial consultation:

  • Exploring your current diet and lifestyle

  • Setting personal goals

  • Building an individual food programme tailored to you

  • Tasty meal ideas and recipes

Follow up sessions:

  • 5 private coaching sessions

  • Customised tools and practices to accelerate your results

  • Evaluating where you are in relation to your goals

  • Adjusting the programme at each session

  • Assessing your on-going improvement

  • Continuous learning and motivation

  • Email support between sessions

Imagine a world where you wake up full of energy. Where you don’t rely on caffeine to jolt you awake and you don’t rely on alcohol to send you to sleep. Imagine being clear headed, lighter and energised.

Let’s get started now!

Just click the clarity call button below for a free 1:1 person-centred coaching session to help you on your way to Zen! ❤️

Stacey works so sensitively and with just my interests at heart. I have been able to make small but lasting changes and am working towards longer term goals in a really manageable way. I know she will be there when I need more advice and is totally supportive of me and shares joy in my success. I totally recommend the experience of working with Stacey.
— Nicole - Stress management. London